self care ideas

“I used to go to booze to feel better. Now I go to self care. This doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes eat cigarettes for breakfast while injecting espresso into my face. Now I have choices.”

“We didn’t get sober not to have a kick-ass life..”

We're Hadley & Chris, two girls who woke up one day tired. We were so exhausted from the hard work of life, jobs, self-help, parenting and recovery we’d forgotten how to connect with ourselves. We’ve come to strongly believe that the pain of life is best faced with laughter and a lot of self care. Here is a mostly honest record of our attempts to care for ourselves.
It's Hadley and Chris!

Self care food

An indulgent evening used to be two boxes of wine and a sheet cake. Compared to that, what’s a few self care Oreos?

self care clothing

One day I will find a Forever 41. Everything is pajamas. Except for the stylish reading glasses.

They serve espresso with ibuprofen, and the gift-with-purchase is a foot massage from a 21 year-old. 

self care activities

Things to do when I’m exhausted from all the problems I’ve created solving everyone’s problems. 

Self Care Collection

Sometimes the best way to do self care is to have somebody else do it. Here are products we like.