About the SelfCare Co.

Roller skating as self care.

My life kinda lets me know it’s time for me to do self care. Like when I realize I have exactly one pair of underwear that hasn’t started to disintegrate in any way. Or when my tooth hurts and I remember I don’t have a dentist. Or when my roots are so grown-out I actually know what my real hair color looks like. And no one should have to see that.

I tell myself I’m just too busy to take care of me AND everyone else, but really I’m caretaking to feel better about myself. 

Self care can be anything I do for myself that is nurturing and not totally destructive. It can be as important as getting over my strangely overwhelming fear of dentists, or as simple as making myself a waffle with whipped cream and blueberries, covering it with maple syrup, and eating it in two bites. Or doing both at the same time. And going roller skating afterwards. (See video below.)

I tell myself I’m just too busy to take care of myself as well as everyone else, but really I’m taking care of other people so I can feel better about myself, (who cares if they actually like butternut squash soup, they should. I do.)  and end up overwhelmed, overworked, and miserable. Soooo that…irony here… I’m no use to anyone.


Welcome to the Self Care Company! We are Chris and Hadley, and we’re getting down to business with this self care shit. Mainly so they don’t send us away again, but also to entertain ourselves.

On a serious note, we are two girls who woke up one day tired. We were so exhausted from the hard work of life, jobs, self-help, parenting and recovery we’d forgotten how to connect with ourselves. We’ve come to strongly believe that the pain of life is best faced with self care and laughter. To be fully alive, we’ve figured out how to do things that are life-giving– and we’re always looking for a good time. Can we have your number? Can we have it? Can we have your number? Can we?

We want to hear from you! We have learned how to talk less and listen more, and want to hear about how you do this thing. What do you do to maintain your sanity that’s not totally destructive to yourself and others? This self care thing is a part-time effing job. So bring it on.

We are easily bored. Neither of us drink anymore, so we’ve got to find other ways to entertain ourselves. We are sober now, but we are not somber. We need to find the kind of enjoyment that breathes energy into the soul. We didn’t get sober not to have a kick-ass life.

Hence, waffle-eating, SNL-watching and roller skating for self care!

(Watch me make a fool of myself here, with the help of my niece and nephew. Don’t judge. It’s been a while since I was 12.)

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