Fruit Snacks for Self Care


Fruit Snacks For Self Care

Did you know that if you don’t shove them all in at once, each fruit snack has a different flavor? The lemon has a slight citrus note, the grape is kind of grape-y. There’s even a raspberry and a strawberry in here–slightly different reds. This is the revelation I had, while sitting on the dining room floor, eating my kid’s lunch treats.

The point of this exercise is not to pillage your children’s snack department, although that is fun in it’s own way, but to take the time to experience something in a more enjoyable way, by slowing down. Like way down.

It helps to have a six-year-old while doing this self care technique. I shared my discoveries with my son the next day, and he brightened up and sat down with me. We put them in our mouth, patiently chewed them, and compared notes. He was all, “I haven’t chewed mine yet, mom.” after I’d already bitten, tasted and swallowed my orange slice one. (Mindful little sucker. He shows me up everytime.) We compared flavors. He noticed the lemon-y-ness of the yellow one. I didn’t believe it tasted like lemon at all, but it turns out there was a sliiiight citrus taste if I breathed out of my nose. We agreed we both liked the strawberry one better than the raspberry one, the lighter red one.

It calmed me down, was pleasurable, and got me 20 minutes away from my crisis. Self care. Practiced. (Snack drop.)





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